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Keyword Counter

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The Keyword Counter & Density Calculator plugin calculates how many times each keyword is used in a in a post or a page. When you write or edit a post/page, you can see a handy list of the keywords you've used -- listed in order, starting with the words you use most commonly.

If you're writing an article, one important factor to keep in mind is, what are the keywords you're using? How often do you use them? This is essential for SEO (search engine optimization) reasons. You want to use your keywords a bunch, but not too much.

But when you write, you're often faced with the problem: how many times did I use this keyword, or that one? Usually, there's a manual process: control-F (or command-F for Mac lovers!) to find and count the number of times you used it, look up the total number of words, do some division -- and this gets frustrating before you even start.

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