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Ban System By IP and Country

Module Category: Security Author: codester
Module Type: WordPress Plugin License: Commercial
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This is a WordPress plugin that help bloggers to block spammers and unwanted visitors from their blog. The blogger can ban them by IP or by country.

- No installation/configuration needed! Simply activate plugin and add an IP to ban!
- Ban unwanted visitors by IP or by country
- Redirect banned users to URL or show custom message for banned users
- Cookie banning can be activated for security
- Ban reason and time(from 1 hour to permanent) can be set up
- Unban Option
- Update check system
- Details(Reffer, Country, Browser, Platform, IP, status) for the lastest visitors(2 days) + quick ban button
- HTML and [reason] stamp can be used in the customizable message for banned users by country and IP

Added 26th May 2020 | 271 Views