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htaccess Security PHP Script

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The safest way to protect your webspace with a login is via the .htaccess file. This is a file that contains rules to evaluate every single access to your webservers files and it can be configured to only allow certain users to do so.

This is being done with another file called .htpasswd. In this file you need to define the username and (encrypted) password for every user that should be permitted to access your files.

As the .htaccess and .htpasswd files are part of the web server and not a PHP script, they are not vulnerable to hacking attempts exploiting PHP bugs.

This whole process is quite technical and not every server can use the same password encryption method, making it a bit cumbersome at times to set this protection method.
Thats where '.htaccess Security Tool' comes in.

You just have to upload the content of the zip file to your server via FTP (just one php file and one 22kb folder), browse to the {YOUR-DOMAIN}/htaccess-security.php and use our tool to setup the users easily!

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