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XYZ Admarket

Module Category: Advertising Author: ZYX Scripts
Module Type: PHP Script License: Commercial
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XYZ Admarket is a simple and feature rich PHP + MySQL based script which provides you a platform to launch an advertiser-publisher network or adserver site like Google AdWords/AdSense, Bidvertiser, Media Net etc. It supports Pay-Per-Click (PPC) text and banner formats for advertisers as well as customizable text/banner ad display codes for publishers.

CPA, CPM, CPD, Affiliate Ads, Vast Video and HTML5 ads, Interstital Ads, E-Commerce Ads, Pop Ads, Native Ads Display, Referral System, Bitcoin Payments, Category and Site Target, Re-targeting are available as addon with the script.

Added 8th December 2020 | 764 Views