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Ads Pro Plugin - Advertising Manager

Module Category: Advertising Author: scripteo
Module Type: WordPress Plugin License: Commercial
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Ads Pro (v 4.3.22) is a Premium WordPress Ad Plugin that helps you manage, sell and display your advertising space, in a way that no other plugin can. This awesome tool supports a templates and grid system to show really matched and user-friendly ads on your site. And it’s 100% free from Ad blocker. Display your banners, including Google AdSense banners in more than 20 ways!

Core Features:
- 100% Responsive
- Geographical targeting (countries, states / provinces, cities or zip-codes)
- Schedule your ads and control their delay
- Option to show Ads in Specific Devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)
- Filters on Categories and Tags
- Hooks to show Ads before / inner / after Content
- Options to show / close Ads after X seconds
- Capping option to show Ads only X times per User / Session
- Display your ads in more than 20 different ways (sidebar, floating, video, background, corner peel, grids, hover and others)
- Huge Backend manager (easily manage your ads)
- 25+ ready to use Responsive and User-friendly Ad Templates

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