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  • CC Web Security PHP Commercial
    Rated 4.50/5 (2 votes cast)

    PHP Scripts | Security | 239 Views
    CC Web Security is a better script that will protect your site from hackers / hacking attacks. The script has the features to protect your site from SQLi (SQL injection), DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), Proxy , Tor , Spam and other types hacking attacks. A furt
  • OF Security - SQL Injection & Flood protection Commercial
    Rated 3.50/5 (1 votes cast)

    PHP Scripts | Security | 235 Views
    With OF Security (One File Security) can easily protect your website from malicious flood attacks and sql injections. Easy installation just need to copy the core file in the directory of your site and use the Code Generator to create a code to paste into your website. If allow OF Security to c
  • PHP Easy Lock - Password protect Commercial
    Rated 4.00/5 (1 votes cast)

    PHP Scripts | Security | 238 Views
    Ever wanted to block the access of users on a certain page, but didn't find a good code for that? Well this is it! All you need is inside one file, and is being run from one single line of code... Features - No installation, no configuration, no database needed - Everything is inside a sin
  • PHP Log In Protection Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | Security | 240 Views
    This script is very easy to use and with automatic database configuration you can start to use it right away. Protect any page with one line of code. Its that easy. Features - Automatic database setup - One line of code to protect a page - Works inside/outside folders anywhere in your fi
  • Credit Card Luhn Checker And Masking Commercial
    Rated 3.50/5 (1 votes cast)

    PHP Scripts | Security | 240 Views
    Easy to use no database required Luhn credit card and masking tool with export results to text file. Features: - Easy install, no database - Clean, user friendly interface - Luhn check and card type check with icons - Export Results to text file (.txt)
  • Password Sharing Management System Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | Security | 159 Views
    A user friendly and powerful PHP script that helps you manage your account credentials. You can add multiple users, add multiple account credentials in the credential module and share your credentials with specifically selected users while adding/editing the credentials. This project is conf
  • htaccess Security PHP Script Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | Security | 168 Views
    The safest way to protect your webspace with a login is via the .htaccess file. This is a file that contains rules to evaluate every single access to your webservers files and it can be configured to only allow certain users to do so. This is being done with another file called .htpasswd. In
  • MC Password Generator Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | Security | 179 Views
    MC Password Generator PHP script is a strong password generator that creates random passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack due to an optional combination of lower letters , upper letters , numbers and special symbols. increase traffic to your website and earn money
  • Page Protection With Login Without SQL Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | Security | 176 Views
    With this script you can easily protect your pages with username and password created by you. To function it does not need any database users are saved in a .php file what you need to do is just upload the files to your hosting and enter a line of code to every page you want to protect.
  • PHP Single-User No Database Login Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | Security | 177 Views
    Password protect pages with a logon page and no database is needed. Just put this folder on your hosted server, set up your config file, and add online to any page you want to password protect. This script is for a single-user, the single-user can login to any page(s) you create under the app