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  • Short-Zero - URL Shortener Commercial
    Rated 5.00/5 (1 votes cast)

    PHP Scripts | URL and Link | 340 Views
    Script has admin panel where you can manage all users, links and ads. And modify settings like header background, style and theme, Social Media links - Admin Panel Dashboard - Manage users - Manage links - Manage rates - Referrals System - Captcha System - Announcements System - Cust
  • Websub Link Manager Commercial
    Rated 4.50/5 (1 votes cast)

    PHP Scripts | URL and Link | 111 Views
    Websub link manager PHP script is a small but powerful tool that can easy be integrated in any website. This script allow users to place their site's link on your site, and in return, the user places a link on their site back to your site.
  • Flippy LinkShare - Visual Link Sharing Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | URL and Link | 163 Views
    Would you like to start a visual link sharing/ bookmarking website? Then Flippy LinkShare is the script for you. You can easily start niche website like foodgawker(dot)com, stylegawker(dot)com or a general link shearing website like pinterest(dot)com easily with this amazing script.
  • dLink Direct Download Link Generator Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    This is a upgraded version of grablink that helps you generate direct download of a / to a file. If You are a blogger or share files to your visitors then this will keep your visitor engaged to your website as they don’t need to visit other website where the file is hosted.
  • QuixelURL - URL Shortener Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    QuixelURL are a easy to use and easy to install URL Shortener service. If you are logged or not, you can create a short URL easily and fastly Some Informations About QuixelURL: - This Product include Login Page and Register Page from QuixelUI - This Product include some part of QuixelCore
  • sURL - alternative short URL Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    What is sURL? sURL is a web application used to create alternative short URLs. This will help you if you are using an affiliate. If You need to have URL of the property (expiration URL, hide visited URL, ...). Shortcuts are also often used on social networks, and this tool helps you maintain us
  • Ajax Saas Urlshortener Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    Analytics on viewer countries, IP address device types, browsers, Morden DashBoard Multiple types of databases supported, including an inbuilt SQLite database. You can optionally use a MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB or PDO SQL database - Ajax results for the best user experience. - One-Clic
  • LinkShield - Link Protecting Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | URL and Link | 158 Views
    LinkShield allows you to make your link safe and protect. It also provides security like reCaptcha and Encryption. Registered and Non-Registered user can generate unlimited links and manage from user panel. The user can also Earn Money from generating a link and sharing links to friends and on
  • myURL - Private URL Shortner Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | URL and Link | 161 Views
    myURL - Private URL Shortner you can easily create your own URL Shortening Service - No database required - Build with Bootstrap - Pure PHP & HTML Code - Easy to use - Responsive Design - SEO Friendly
  • Norefer - Powerful Dereferer System Commercial
    Not Rated Yet

    PHP Scripts | URL and Link | 176 Views
    Service to redirect anonymously without referrer. Norefer is the reference for hidden refer link. Features - Complete system for hide refer of links. - Responsive template, interface suitable for computers, smartphones and tablets. - Use with or without MySQL database. - Compatible with