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  • Wolive - Visitor Tracker Analytics Commercial
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    WOLIVE is a plugin that allows you track your Wordpress Website & Woocommerce Store. It’s POWERFUL YET SIMPLE WORDPRESS ANALITYCS. With just one click, WOLIVE gives you comprenhesive data to undersantand your visitors in real time.
  • Visit Analytics for WordPress Commercial
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    Kepp track of your visitors and traffic: - Summary statistics for the day, week, month, year and any date range. - Detailed statistics on device types, operating systems, browsers, countries. - The average hourly number of online users. - Number button for online visitors (realtime). - Dai
  • Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce Commercial
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    Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce is a plugin which integrates your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics in just 5 minutes. NO CODING REQUIRED. Actionable Google Analytics enables 9 enhanced ecommerce reports in your google analytics account along with the GA tracking of audience,
  • Post Analytics Commercial
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    - This plugin is created by using Google Analytics APIs which fetches the Statistics based on per Post or Page. - New Feature: You can enable Keywords Cloud of specific post or page - Helps in SEO optimization and allows you to see traffic data for individual blog posts - AJAX processing to
  • Easy Analytics Tracking Commercial
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    Easy Analytics Tracking is a WordPress Plugin to help you connect you website page with mainstream marketing tools and to kickstart your digital marketing strategies with just one click. You can use this plugin in all your sites forever !
  • Mona Analytics - The most powerful All in one analytics Commercial
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    Mona Analytics is the most powerful wordpress analytics plugin, which included every data of your business, such at Website, Facebook Page, Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram… and more Social Network will coming after you suggest your in the comment box bellow.
  • WebReport Website Analytics Explorer Commercial
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    WebReport lets your visitors test out their web-presence on your site, get a ?Grade?, and see what needs work on their website. Then they can enter their contact info, becoming an instant lead. Each and every time a visitors uses WebReport on your website, the plugin logs the website they ch
  • WordPress Elementor Tracker Commercial
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    Instead of writing tracking code, or setting CSS id on every element you want to track, you can now use Elementor Tracker Elementor Tracker supports multiple tracking methods: - Facebook Pixel Standard Events - Facebook Pixel Custom Events - Google Analytics (analytics.js) - Google Tag M
  • Google Analytics by Users and Roles Commercial
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    This plugin will not only allow you to place Google Analytcis tracking code in all your pages but will also allow you to exclude traffic generated by handpicked users or users with specific roles (also compatible with custom roles) so that you can be sure your reports are accurate and trustwort