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  • ZiyLink - Safe Link Converter Commercial
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    ZiyaLink allows you to make your link safe and protect. It also provides security like reCaptcha and Encryption. you can generate unlimited links and manage from admin panel. Features - Three types of permalink - Three types of templates - Anti Adblock - Counter View & Click - Google re
  • Ban System By IP and Country Commercial
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    This is a WordPress plugin that help bloggers to block spammers and unwanted visitors from their blog. The blogger can ban them by IP or by country. Features - No installation/configuration needed! Simply activate plugin and add an IP to ban! - Ban unwanted visitors by IP or by country -
  • WPSecurity Commercial
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    SecureMoz WPsecurity plugin scanning your php & wordpress configurations to detect security issues and help you by providing tools to repair those detected issues. For one small annual fee (only 5 cents a day),SecureMoz offers real-time protection, email notifications and automated scanning f
  • htaccess Site Access Control Commercial
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    Using the password protection will give you extra security layer of protection from brute force hacking attacks. Additionally, it's also an easy way to password protect your entire site, without needing to create separate WordPress users for each visitor. When you enable the password protect
  • Roles Capabilities And Sessions Manager Commercial
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    Manage functions, capabilities and sessions of their projects in wordpress in a simple and beautiful interface. Features - Create and manager roles. - Create and manager capabilities and custom capabilities. - Manager sessions of users online. - Block users access. - Set login timeout.
  • RedShift Security Scanner Commercial
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    Search files, Posts, and database of your WordPress Website for anything Suspicious. This WordPress plugin will scan your site for suspicious files, code, etc.; note: it does not remove anything - that is left to the user to do. Features - Detect malicious code - Find suspicious plugin fi
  • Content Protection Commercial
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    Content Protection Wordpress is the Plugin to Protect your Text and Images From Copying. Features - Supported for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc - Multiple Text and Image Protection methods - Advanced Image Protection using Responsive Lightbox - Image Watermark - Protect Content based on